Metal Art Bells

This is a special Jumbo Bell and color-matched stand that sell together as a package.
The Bell is 39 in height, 15 in diameter and weighs 57 pounds. The stand has a 35
diameter base, with 4X6 legs and a 3 1/2 pipe at the top. The hook accepts a padlock.
A Welcome is on one side and two dragonflies on the other, all done in stainless steel.
Call 503-320-4113 for further info.

   These are samples of
   our extra large bells.
   They are 10 1/2" in
   diameter and have a very
   deep tone.
   These are made to order,
   though we do have a few
   already in stock.
   This one is the Kanji
   symbol for Water.

   This is a large Joy
   bell in red, next to a
   normal size bell.

  Note: these large bells are availble
  exclusively from the artist,
  Michael W. Correll,
  not available in any gallery or
  retail outlets.

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